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Advancements of Solar Power

You may be surprised to learn that advancements of solar power has been a consideration for scientists since the 1880’s, when Charles Fritts first coated a thin layer of selenium with an extremely thin layer of gold. This resulting world’s’ first solar cell had a conversion electrical efficiency of only about 1%! Compare that to the extraordinary solar cells we have available to us today that are capable of close to 50% efficiency.

Of course, technology changes and develops a huge amount in 150 years but the goal to realise solar power as a viable and cost effective replacement for fossil fuels has really only taken off within the last 10 – 15  years.

advancements of solar

The Climate Catalyst

The increased frequency of global climate emergencies has led to a staggering 97% scientific consensus that the tragic events seen across the globe are the consequences of accelerated, man-made climate change. This has led to a dramatic push towards the advancements of solar power and renewable energy sources as a way of reducing and eventually phasing out completely our reliance on traditional energy sources.

Despite the fossil fuel companies best efforts to delay, stymie and intimidate governments into lethargy, the scientific community’s warnings that we are pushing ourselves towards the proverbial cliff edge by continuing to burn fossil fuels can no longer be ignored.

These warnings have seen renewable energy production in the UK grow exponentially from 2.8% in 2000 to 40% in 2022.

Watt a Reduction in Price

A huge stumbling block in making solar panels accessible to all used to be the price per watt. Even as recently as 2010 a typical 4kw solar panel system would cost you around £20,000 plus installation. This entry price point meant that solar panels were simply unaffordable for a large majority of people in Britain and only homes with high disposable income could even consider installing solar panels on their property or business. That same solar panel system in 2023 now costs as little as £6000 which is close to a 70% drop in price.

This dramatic reduction in cost has seen a huge uptake of people across the UK making the switch to clean, renewable energy.

In 2023, solar panels are now much more accessible and people are choosing to install them not just to lower their carbon footprint, but also because they represent a fantastic investment opportunity that offers a great ROI that only relies on the sun shining! What other investment opportunities can boast that?


Fossil Fuel Fiasco 

The dramatic price reduction for solar energy has been mirrored in an inverse way by the recent astronomical price rises for traditional energy imports from the national grid.

In the 12 months leading up to December 2022 electricity prices in the UK rose by 65.4% and gas prices by 128.9%. Although prices for electricity and gas had been steadily rising above the rate of inflation for a long while, this unprecedented spike was understandably alarming to UK citizens and the government, with cost of living payments and energy price caps being implemented to try to mitigate some of the potential damage and help out struggling families to pay their bills.

As welcome as some of these measures were, they were always just a plaster over a wound and could never be continued indefinitely without levying a sizable tax to pay for it. Jeremy Hunt the chancellor of the exchequer has confirmed this month that the energy price cap will again be raised and heap more pressure on families already wrestling with a cost of living crisis.

A War of Supplies and Demands

The global energy market showed how fragile and vulnerable it was to adverse geo political conditions when in Feb of 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine.

This caused a huge rupture in global supply chains as countries all over the European Union looked to sever their ties with Russia and source their oil imports from other vendors or replace it with other methods of energy production. The sudden exodus of a huge amount of oil in the available market caused wholesale prices to skyrocket and left the unsuspecting citizen of the UK forced to pay ludicrous prices for energy imports due to situations entirely out of their control.

This was a further push towards the implementation and advancements of solar power, which resulted in huge lift in the amount of people choosing to install solar panels as a way of escaping the thrashings of an out of control energy market.

Seeking energy independence now became a huge factor in choosing to upgrade to solar energy and the first 8 months of 2022 saw more solar installations across the UK than in the whole of 2021.

advancements of solar

Advancement in Demand for Solar Energy

Exponential demand for solar energy, born from a desire to obtain energy independence, reducing your carbon footprint, lowering your energy bills, as an investment opportunity or a mixture of all of these considerations has meant that a lot of suppliers and installers were caught a little off guard by the soaring interest in upgrading to renewable energy.

Solar panel manufacturers needed to double their efforts to match the uptick in sales and waiting lists for solar panel systems were promptly cleared.

Customers can now order their solar pv systems with confidence that they will have them installed and operational within a few short weeks.

advancements in solar power

Following the Ray of Light

Everything we have discussed in this blog has helped shape not only the development and advancements of solar power to the present day, but the future trajectory of solar power as well. More and more people are starting to realise the advantages and pure technological joy of harvesting usable electricity from the sun’s rays and as a consequence the renewable revolution will sprawl out and grow in strength across the whole of the UK.

Heating your home, powering your business, charging your electric vehicle, whatever the goal of your solar installation project, you can be sure that you are making a savvy investment into the future not only economically speaking but environmentally as well.

Now is your time to take advantage of the amazing advancements of solar power. If you are ready to join the renewable revolution and gain energy independence, contact us today.

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