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Solar Battery Storage

From their conception and development in the late 1800s, batteries have improved drastically. Chiefly, the capacity for storage and release has grown in correlation with our collective understanding of electricity and chemical processes.

Today we are in the age of lithium ION batteries, and these truly exceptional batteries are now capable of storing 150 Watt-hours in only one kilogram of battery.

Significantly, this high capacity makes them the perfect companion to a Solar PV system, storing all the excess energy that your panels have generated that you didn’t use during the day.

So during the night (when your panels are not generating electricity), your battery system takes over, powering your home until your panels are operational again the next day.

Getting the right size of Solar PV system paired with the perfect battery solution can mean you never need to use the national grid.
With this goal in mind, Smarter Home Improvements will make sure that you get the correct Solar PV and battery solution for your home or business.

What’s more, we can even retrofit batteries to existing Solar power systems. For example, we can take electrical readings of your panel array and pair the best battery to your system.

In conclusion, Lithium ION Batteries are compatible with any system so get in contact today to find out the best storage solution for you. Alternatively, you can use our fantastic quote calculator to get your estimate and see your projected savings

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