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There are many notable economic benefits to upgrading your commercial property to take advantage of solar energy.

Not only will you drastically reduce your energy bills by up to 100%, you will also greatly reduce the carbon footprint of your business at the same time.

So whatever the size of your business, putting your roof space to good use can increase profits in a variety of ways, some obvious and others less so.

When looking at the market trend for traditional energy imports, we can see that prices have risen by more than inflation year on year for the last 50 years, with the most dramatic rise being the one in 2022.

This last year was the final straw and push that a lot of commercial properties needed to finally embrace the renewable revolution and reap the benefits of generating their own power, finally freeing themselves from the whims of a tumultuous and fragile global energy market.

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Solar panels generate free, clean energy while the sun is up that then can be used on site. This reduces the amount of energy your business needs to import from the National grid, potentially saving thousands of pounds on energy costs.


Any excess energy that you generate and don’t use can be sold back to the National grid, adding another revenue stream.


Traditional energy prices are highly volatile and are predicted to rise sharply again over the next 10 years. What better way to circumnavigate this issue than generating your own power?By becoming energy independent and effectively getting your energy at a fixed rate, you can then use this data to forecast profits with greater ease and accuracy.


Solar panels represent a reliable and secure investment vehicle that provides returns exceeding those of more traditional low risk investment opportunities.


This year saw the first signs of government mandated energy restrictions since world war 2 and the introduction of mandatory energy audits for large scale businesses. Add in the fact that the National grid often struggles to meet growing energy demands and you have the perfect reason to seek energy stability and generate your own power from an inexhaustible, guaranteed supplier, our sun.


Reducing our carbon footprint is incumbent on every person on Earth as we struggle to right historical shortsightedness and live in harmony with our planet instead of burning it.

With this in mind, solar panels are an excellent way to not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also to increase your sales as more and more customers look to companies with good green credentials. Building your reputation as a company that values green credentials above and beyond the normal profit driven model will see an increase in sales and revenue as the information disseminates that your business is conscious of environmental issues.


Each solar project that we design will be bespoke to your business based on these factors,

1 – Amount of solar panels installed
2 – Amount of available roof space
3 – Ease of installation

As a rough guide we can show prices of typical size systems, for you to then gauge which size of system is right for your business.

4kw system = £7000
50kw = £55,000
100kw = £95,000
250 kw = £205,000


Survey, bespoke design and planning – Leading up to the date of your installation, our fully accredited engineers will undertake all the required surveys, design and planning for the operation, ensuring it causes little to zero interference to your day to day trading.

Solar inverters – these are the brains behind the solar panels that convert the direct (DC) current into safe and useable alternating current (AC). Your installation may require only one inverter or a series, this will be determined in the survey phase.

Mounting rails – Whatever the size, design or shape of roof you have, there are suitable rails to mount your solar panels. During the survey phase, our engineers will asses every available cm of space on your rooftop and install the perfect mounting rails for your roof.

Electrical installation – All of our engineers are fully HIES accredited and qualified to install all of the necessary electrical equipment to have your solar panels running at optimal efficiency and above all, safely.

Scaffolding – As with the majority of rooftop work or installations, your panels will most likely require a temporary scaffold to allow our team of engineers to work on your roof in a safe and efficient manner. We take workplace safety very seriously at Smarter Home Improvements so every care will be taken to ensure the safety of our employees and of course anyone working for or near your business.

Integration and Intuitive monitoring – One of the most important parts of an installation is the integration of your solar panels into a smart app that you can then use on your phone or tablet to monitor the performance of your panels in real time at the push of a button. This gives you the peace of mind that your solar panels are always working at optimal capacity.


As is normal for almost all types of large scale projects, the sooner you get experts onboard the more they can advise, meticulously plan and then implement that plan to avoid any time consuming setbacks or disappointments. For example, we are experts in what planning permissions you may need depending on the size of your project, so having us design the project from the start will alleviate any unnecessary stress from failing foul of building or planning regulations.

Call the team today and we will happily listen to your commercial solar project and offer advice and inspiration.

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