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Powering The NHS: A Smarter Choice

At Smarter Home Improvements, we took immense pride in being part of a noble cause – supporting the National Health Service (NHS) by helping them harness the power of solar energy. As a reputable solar panel installation company, we believe in delivering nothing but the very best service, especially to organisations that work tirelessly in the care of others. In this blog, we celebrate our collaboration with the NHS and how we helped power their new building in Corringham with commercial solar panels, ensuring sustainable energy solutions and lower operating costs.

The NHS: A Commitment to Excellence

The NHS is a pillar of the community, offering exceptional healthcare services to countless individuals. As a responsible organisation, the NHS is committed to working with reputable companies that can meet its stringent quality and service standards.

When it came to choosing an energy solution for their new building in Corringham, the NHS recognized the importance of reliable, clean energy to support their operations. And that’s where Smarter Home Improvements stepped in.

Smarter Home Improvements: The Perfect Fit

The NHS had two crucial requirements for the job spec, top-quality service and cost-effectiveness. Here at Smarter Home Improvements, we understood the significance of their mission and the challenges they faced in ensuring their facilities run efficiently while adhering to a tight budget.

With this in mind, we were determined to offer the best solar solution that perfectly aligned with those needs, and after thorough evaluation and consideration of all bidding competitors,  the NHS chose Smarter Home Improvements as their solar panel installation partner. 

Our company’s proven track record of excellence, combined with our competitive pricing, made us the obvious choice. While our dedication to delivering top-notch solar panel installations and unparalleled customer service, resonated with the NHS’s values of exceptional care and service.

Solar Technology: Empowering the NHS Building

Installing commercial solar panels on the roof of the new building in Corringham was a proud achievement for Smarter Home Improvements and the implementation of solar energy brought several significant benefits to the NHS building, including:

  • Guaranteed Power: For an organisation as critical as the NHS, power interruptions are simply not an option. With a solar power system and batteries in place, the NHS can rely on a stable and consistent energy supply, ensuring uninterrupted operations.
  • Lower Bills: The NHS, like any responsible organisation, has to manage its expenses prudently. By harnessing solar power, they significantly reduced their reliance on traditional grid electricity, resulting in lower utility bills and substantial cost savings.
  • Sustainable Commitment: As an institution at the forefront of providing healthcare services, the NHS recognizes the importance of sustainability.
    Embracing solar energy showcases their dedication to reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future.


The collaboration between the NHS and Smarter Home Improvements exemplifies the power of partnership and shared commitment to excellence. By choosing Smarter Home Improvements, the health service ensured that their new building in Corringham would receive the highest-quality solar panel installation services at the best price possible. The NHS can now operate with the peace of mind that comes from guaranteed power and a reduced environmental impact.

We, at Smarter Home Improvements, are honoured to have played a part in powering the NHS’s vital work in caring for others. Our partnership with such a reputable and dedicated organisation reaffirms our mission to provide sustainable and innovative energy solutions to all our clients.

As we move forward, we hope to continue contributing to a brighter, greener future while supporting institutions like the NHS in their unwavering commitment to serve their communities with compassion and excellence.


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