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Smarter Homes

A staggering 91.54% of the global population now own at least one smartphone.

Smart Phones have revolutionised how we interact with people and businesses. In the same fashion, smarter homes are now a reality as functionality and intuitive controls are integrated into the home.

New software control systems such as Hive, Hue, Nest, Honeywell, Ring and Tado allows us to control a whole host of household appliances, systems and home security measures while at home or, just as importantly, while away.

As well as the convenience of being able to monitor and have full control of all of your appliances and systems in one place, there are a multitude of benefits to being able to access your home network and security systems remotely, for example;

  • Turning off/on lights and even individual plug sockets if you think you have left an appliance on.
  • Setting the thermostat in anticipation of your return or departure to reduce energy waste.
  • Drastically increase your home security with access to cameras at your door and surrounding your property.
  • Remote unlocking and locking of doors and gates.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your partnered systems such as Solar PV or batteries.

Smart products such as Hive, Nest, Hue, Ring, Honeywell and Todo, work in what is known as the Internet of things (IOT), which is essentially a network created around your home which allows you to control all of these products or systems with just a few taps on a smartphone or tablet.

The popularity of smarter homes has been increasing exponentially for some time now and will continue to rise as tech companies compete with each other to provide the best tech in a booming market.

The amount of choice for the consumer is at an all-time high and prices are dropping, however a lot of people don’t know where to start and often, from an outsider’s perspective, it can be quite daunting.

Our goal at Smarter Home Improvements is simple, to provide customers with easy-to-understand, clear insights and advice.

Highlighting the benefits and applications of each system, with the aim of making the upgrades to your home a smooth and intuitive process.

Talk to us today to give us an idea of what areas of home convenience or security you would like to improve and we will present an easy-to-understand solution.

We always endeavour to match the perfect system to your requirements and specific needs, so whether you are looking to take a small step into the smart world, or to fully revolutionise your home, our experts are here to help.

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Boost the effectiveness of your Solar PV system or avoid the costs of peak-time electricity by managing and conserving power with a smart battery storage solution.

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Nothing compares to the convenience of having your own EV charging station installed in the optimal location on your property. Negating the need to seek out the nearest charging station.


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