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Solar PV

Harness nature and save up to 80% on your energy bills with a Solar PV System!

Wherever you are situated in the UK, a Solar PV system can power your property with free, clean, renewable energy. By joining the green revolution, you can liberate yourself from skyrocketing energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Interest in renewable energy systems is skyrocketing due to two key factors.

Firstly, energy prices in the UK have increased drastically and this trend is expected to continue and increase in severity.

Secondly, the climate effects of relying on traditional energy sources (coal, oil and gas), are now impossible to ignore.

The UK is facing the realisation of summer temperatures reaching 40 degrees. With this in mind, more people are looking to renewable energy systems as a way of significantly lowering the effect their property has on the climate while simultaneously lowering their energy bills.

Solar panels at dawn reflecting and harvesting light

How does a Solar PV System actually work?

Way back in the 1900s, a clever fellow by the name of Albert Einstein discovered that sunlight contains “packets” of energy called photons.

Solar PV systems use special photovoltaic cells to harvest these photons and generate a direct current from the sunlight. Feeding this direct current into an inverter converts the direct current into the much more practical and safe alternating current that we can use to power our homes and businesses.

Since the advent of this miraculous technology, it is possible to harness nature for our benefit, instead of burning it.

Siphoning the power of our star, we can harvest this abundant, clean energy to power our homes and vehicles.

The time has come to replace our antiquated, traditional energy systems as they rely on the burning of combustible materials and damage the environment in the process.

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Solar Edge Inverter Systems

Solar Edge inverters are industry-leading solar inverters that offer a smart solution to the problem of underperforming panels. Providing ways to monitor your system in real-time and optimise the amount of energy generated from your solar panels.

An underperforming component can constrain the whole system. For example, the inverter will take the lowest voltage across the whole array if there is a panel in that array that isn’t performing as optimally as the rest.

There are many factors that could cause a downturn in productivity. Often it is a case of shading over a certain panel but other reasons include, bird detritus, leaf litter, cell degradation or a faulty panel. However simple these issues might be, without monitoring and optimisation, no one is the wiser when the system is underperforming and energy is being lost. As a result, being able to monitor your system allows you to correct any problems swiftly and reduce energy loss.

The industry-leading power optimisation system from Solar edge can be part of a new set-up or retrofitted to an existing array.

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Enter the world of free, clean, renewable energy with our top of the line Solar PV systems. Harness the power of the sun to reduce your energy costs and lower your carbon footprint.

Battery Storage

Boost the effectiveness of your Solar PV system or avoid the costs of peak-time electricity by managing and conserving power with a smart battery storage solution.

Electric Vehicle charging

Nothing compares to the convenience of having your own EV charging station installed in the optimal location on your property. Negating the need to seek out the nearest charging station.


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